Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams 

June 1st was a big day for me - I released my first ever concept video! As a writer of songs and a dreamer of dreams, I had long wished to create such a visual of my music. Almost every song I have ever written has invoked pictures in my mind of just what that might look like, and an emotional reaction to how it would feel to watch the story unfold on film. And so, years into a music career that has taken me many different directions and to many diverse places, a dream arrives. 

Daydreaming children often get tagged early on as underachievers, spacey, air-headed. I was probably one of those kids, even though I somehow managed to continue to excel in my school work and musical endeavors. But even at a young age, I was aware of “the road less traveled” and quite certain that I would choose that road. Graduating from high school a year early, leaving college after 2 quarters, and an early marriage at 18, followed by several months of mission work, propelled my adult life into the quirky zone, and nothing much has changed in that regard since.

I have run after my dreams … the visions that come by night (for I remember many of my night dreams and they have had substantial truth to speak into my life) and those that come by day. It is a solitary life at times, a thoughtful life, a contemplative life - one that requires long swatches of time be taken up with thinking, meditating, im-ag-in-ing. 

It is a life full of wonder, what ifs, and sometimes carries with it a bit of wandering mystified.

 Some dreams arrive in a relatively short time. Some take so very long to see brought forth, and for some creatives the fulfillment of their dreams lies seemingly dormant until long after their passing from this life. But they keep a steady eye on the dream. They put one foot in front of the other in its pursuit. And more often than not, they run … in a headlong hurtled chase against the odds!

And the chase itself is a beautiful thing.

Do you have a dream worth chasing? Worth catching? How do you pursue your dream? Share with us in the comments!


Thanks Cindy ... I appreciate you joining the conversation! Dream on ...
Beautifully put. dreams are something I still chase to this day and one day when the time is right they will come true. your words are always soothing to the soul.

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